Kylie doesn't like to look the same for long


Kylie Jenner DEFINITELY isn’t afraid to experiment with her looks, is she?

The 17-year-old modified yet another part of her body before snapping a pretty Instagram selfie yesterday – her eyes!

Kylie naturally has brown peepers but had popped in a pair of contact lenses to make them a pale blue colour.

This isn’t the first time Kylie – who’s the younger sister of Kim Kardashian – has altered the shade of her irises. She’s previously rocked green and even red lenses.

Plenty of fans thought her most recent look was a winner, with one commenting: ‘You are soooooo pretty’ and another saying: ‘where can I get these contacts???’

However, others prefer a more natural style. She received messages such as: ‘I love your brown eyes tho’ and ‘You are a gorgeous girl naturally.’

Kylie loves changing up her image. Over the past few months she’s tried hairstyles including brunette lengths, a choppy lob and bright blue extensions.

She’s given various ombre hues a go, including grey, blonde, pink and turquoise.

Then there’s her lips. Kylie significant plumps up her pout with a clever lipliner technique. In fact, she’s so skilled at it she’s had to deny having work done. 

‘In my pictures, I pout them out a lot. I think big lips are awesome. I love lip liner and overlining my lips,’ revealed Kylie, revealing that she’s ‘sick’ of all the surgery chat.

Scott Disick – who’s the boyfriend of Kylie‘s sister Kourtney Kardashian – recently revealed that it takes her nearly an HOUR to create the clever illusion.

‘Have you seen her do her lipstick? It takes like 40 minutes and then she like pulls one lip, pushes one out,’ explained Scott, 31.

Kylie‘s fashion sense has also totally transformed over the past couple of years.

Previously donning age-appropriate skater dresses, T-shirts and checked shirts, she now prefers bodycon pieces, sky-high heels and revealing crop tops.

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Anna Duff