Liam Gallagher's more bothered about his assistant than his wife of five years

Liam Gallagher‘s reckless rock’n’roll shenanigans mean his reputation as music’s baddest, er, bad boy is pretty much unrivalled.

Despite this, Liam‘s now shocking those close to him with his apparent disregard for wife Nicole Appleton, 38, amid claims he has a love child with US journalist Liza Ghorbani, 39.

Instead of worrying about his missus of five years, the former Oasis singer, 40, is said to be more furious about the sacking of his pretty assistant Debbie Gwyther, 31.

She was fired by worried bosses after pics emerged of her laughingly downing cocktails by Liam‘s side at an Ibiza hotel pool just a day after the scandal broke.

Sources say Liam‘s determined to speak to his management about her dismissal, saying it was unfair.

But as we went to press, the same sources said he was yet to talk to Nicole about their marriage.

‘He isn’t happy about Debbie‘s sacking.

‘He’s saying things like: “The powers that be will take my guitar next,”‘ says our source.

‘But he seems less concerned about the state of his marriage.

‘He’s just laughing it off.

‘He seems to be spending his energy trying to get Debbie her job back instead.’

Now contacted Liam‘s reps about the claims, but they declined to comment.

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