The singer wants to be left alone when he's off duty

Liam Payne was feeling a little distressed about his lack of privacy yesterday.

The One Direction singer, 20, took to Twitter to plead with fans not to wait for him outside his home and take photos of him going about his day.

‘Please don’t sit outside my house it’s the one place I get to be myself n not have people taking pictures,’ Tweeted Liam.

Liam wasn’t the only member of 1D who’d felt a bit angry on Tuesday.

His bandmate Niall Horan also took to Twitter to rant about some of the site’s users, although it’s not clear what exactly had bothered him so much.

The Irish cutie, 20, moaned that there were: ‘So many wierdos on twitter!’ and ‘So many lazy and shit rumours flying around! get a grip !’

Directioners were quick to stick up for both of the boys.

‘people believe everything nowadays,’ Tweeted one to Niall.

Liam received the sweet message: ‘aw, stay safe liam! x.’

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