The One Direction singer is smitten with his girlfriend

Liam Payne isn’t afraid to admit his feelings for his girlfriend Sophia Smith.

The One Direction singer, 20, shared a gorgeous sepia-filtered Instagram photo of pretty brunette Sophia pouting into a camera on Saturday.

In the picture, Sophia is wearing a black halterneck top and has accessorised with a sparkling tiara, a pearl necklace and large statement stud earrings.

‘I must be the luckiest man in the world x,’ a loved-up Liam captioned the shot.

But Sophia wasn’t the only one looking hot at the weekend.

Liam got Directioners very excited when he shared an image of himself apparently standing naked on a boat after losing his trunks yesterday, with his exposed crotch pixelated out.

‘Damn that was my last pair!’ wrote Liam cheekily.

However, it looks like he was just pulling a prank as he later uploaded the same photo without any effects on his nether region – and it turns out he was wearing black shorts.

‘Oh I found them never mind aha,’ quipped Liam.

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Anna Duff