Liam becomes a Niall fangirl

Liam Payne was obviously in a jokey mood last night when he decided to become a Niall Horan fangirl on Twitter. 

The singer, 20, changed his username to MRS HORAN before posting a series of hilariously over-the-top loving messages about his One Direction bandmate.

Using the hashtag #BeAFanDay, Liam posted a snap of Irish Niall, 20, playing tennis and wrote alongside it: ‘His arms his eyes … Is he biting his lip I just DIED!’

He called Niall a ‘bae’ before commenting on a montage of his blue peepers: ‘Imagine niall looking at you with those eyes like your the only woman in the world I CAHNT BREAUTHEE.’

He then treated Directioners to an old-school shot of himself holding up a sign with: ‘I love Niall’ written on it, saying: ‘Hi @NiallOfficial I made this for you I love you so much it hurts.

‘I even love your toes I’m coming to see you tonight.’

But the highlight of Liam’s online rampage came when he uploaded a screenshot of a Tweet Niall had written in 2011, which read: ‘Just smashed the screen of my phone on the floor.

Liam replied: ‘SMASH IT IN MY FACEEEE.’ 

Finally, he shared a photo of him and blond hottie Niall together and gleefully captioned it: ‘OHHHH MY GODDDD I GOT A SELFIEEEEEEEE.’

Eagle-eyed Liam didn’t forget to change his page’s description. It now reads: ‘4/5 follow and yeah i met niall he did a pose with me its not a big deal.’  

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Anna Duff