The Big Reunion star Liz McClarnon endured terrible harassment ordeal

Her career’s on a high now she’s back with Atomic Kitten, but for the past few years Liz McClarnon has been dealing with a secret hell that’s turned her life upside down.

And only now does she feel ready to talk about it.

In January, Robin Duke, an obsessed fan from County Armagh, Northern Ireland, who’d graphically threatened on Twitter to rape her, pleaded guilty to six charges of harassment against Liz and five others.

The 34-year-old, who referred to himself as ‘Robin McClarnon‘, had created a disturbing fantasy world where he believed he was married to the former Celebrity MasterChef winner, 32.

‘The Tweets started in 2010,’ Liz tells Now’s Dan Wootton.

‘I knew he was an Atomic Kitten fan who was on our websites quite often.

‘He started off being really complimentary, telling me I was pretty and had nice legs.

‘But then the messages began to get more suggestive and seedy.

‘I started to feel uncomfortable, so I asked him to stop.’

Liz blocked Robin Duke but he’d set up other accounts and the messages would start all over again.

‘As soon as the word rape was used, I realised this couldn’t go on,’ says Liz.

‘My manager at this point was tracking the messages and he decided to go straight to the police.

‘That’s when we found out this guy had been targeting Atomic Kitten fans as well.’

Robin Duke was sentenced to three years’ probation as well as counselling for drug and alcohol abuse.

There’s also a restraining order in place and he’s apologised in a statement.

A documentary about Liz’s ordeal will be shown in Channel 5‘s My Secret Past series later this year.

Read Dan Wootton’s full interview with Liz McClarnon in this week’s Now magazine, dated 17 June 2013 – out now!

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