Louis Smith hated the way the drug affected his training at the gym


He’s only 24, but after dedicating most of his life to gymnastics, Louis Smith has written an autobiography.

It charts his childhood, first love and his Olympics story (he won a bronze medal in Beijing and a bronze and silver in London).

Louis admits he was quite naughty at school.

‘I used to go straight from school to the gym and I didn’t go to parties or drink, so I liked to mess around a bit,’ he admits.

‘One day I went in with this huge Afro.

‘My teacher was furious and said: “Take it off!”

‘I was like: “I can’t, it’s my hair.”

‘She thought it was a wig and tugged it.

‘I mean, who yanks someone’s hair?’

In his book, Louis reveals he suffers from ADHD and was put on drugs as a child.

‘I didn’t particularly like being on Ritalin,’ Louis recalls.

‘I was eight and I knew education was important – I wanted to try harder at school.

‘My school work dramatically improved but my gymnastics was affected.

‘So when I was 12 I told Mum I didn’t want to be on it.’ 

Louis: My Story So Far (£16.99, Orion) is out now.

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