Eleanor's been inked again

Will Eleanor Calder soon be covered in ink like her boyfriend Louis Tomlinson?!

Okay, so she’s got a long way to go. But it seemed as though One Direction singer Louis, 23, may have inspired Eleanor when she visited a tattoo parlour yesterday.

Eleanor, 22, shared an Instagram snap of herself at LA’s Body Art & Soul, which she jokingly captioned: ‘Sorry mummmyyy! 🙊💉,’

The photo saw Eleanor sitting in the artist’s chair as he got to work on her right wrist.

We wonder what she went for? A picture of Louis‘ face? The One Direction logo?! Or perhaps the words ‘Elounor 4eva’? Who knows!

Fans were also pretty intrigued, with one commenting: ‘Can’t wait to see what you got,’ and another writing: ‘Can you show us please?’.

Despite Eleanor being a bit worried about how her mum would respond, this isn’t actually the first thing she’s had etched on her skin.

The pretty brunette is already sporting a teeny cross and an elephant on her wrists.

However, she’ll have to make A LOT more visits to the tattoist if she wants to rival Louis. He has well over 20 designs, including a huge dagger on his forearm and scripture across his chest.

But there’s one person who does have rather similar brandings to Eleanor.

Liam Payne‘s ex-girlfriend Danielle Peazer also has a piece on her wrist. Before Dani, 26, split from the 21-year-old singer in 2013, she and Eleanor regularly hung out.

Louis and Eleanor have been an item since 2011 but have kept a fairly low profile in recent months.

They were spotted in Australia when Louis was on tour there in February but seem to have decided to do their own thing during his current break from the road.

While Eleanor soaks up the sun in California, Louis has been visiting his family back in Doncaster.

His mum Johannah Deakin Tweeted last week: ‘Nothing nicer than feeding my big boy stew at home today 😘 @Louis_Tomlinson xxxx.’ Nawww.

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