Eleanor still follows Liam Payne and Niall Horan. Awks

If there was ever a glimmer of hope that One Direction‘s Louis Tomlinson might get back with his ex-girlfriend Eleanor Calder, it’s now been well and truly dashed.


Eleanor, 22, has officially unfollowed Louis, 23, on Instagram!

This is a pretty big deal, with Directioners commenting on her photos: ‘Why did you unfollow Louis?’ and: ‘U unfollowed louis omg :(.’

What makes things a tad more awkward is the fact that Louis is still following her – AND that Eleanor hasn’t unsubscribed from his bandmates Niall Horan or Liam Payne!

Over on Twitter it’s a slightly different story, with the pair keeping each other on their pages.

However, seeing as Eleanor hasn’t Tweeted for almost a year, she probably hasn’t paid too much attention to what’s happening on her account.

Louis and Eleanor shocked fans when they ended their three-year relationship last month, with a spokesperson confirming: ‘Louis and Eleanor split up two weeks ago.

‘They have not announced this as they wanted some privacy.’

And while they’ve both retained dignified silences on what led them to go their separate ways, Eleanor has since been very active on Instagram.

This is significant as she rarely posted photos online in the months before she became single.

So now that she’s unfollowed Louis and is sharing near-daily snaps with her (rather impressive!) 1.9 million followers, it seems as though she’s ready to start afresh.

However, it’s unlikely that Eleanor will ever be 100% disassociated with the group. Whenever she uploads a shot, she receives hundreds of messages about Louis.

Then there’s those who mention Larry Stylinson, the name of a ridiculous imagined romance between Louis and his One Direction pal Harry Styles.

Er, yeah. Really.

But Eleanor also gets plenty of support, with people writing things such as: ‘I respect you. Please take care and remember you’re beautiful ❤,’ and: ‘you are so pretty.’


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