Dan Deakin has to enjoy the Masters alone

Louis Tomlinson‘s little brother Ernest had a tiring day on Saturday.

Ernest‘s dad Dan Deakin – who got engaged to One Direction star Louis‘ mum Johannah Poulston last year – told Twitter fans that he’d taken his son on a shopping trip.

Dan had hoped that little Ernest would be able to stay awake to watch the Masters Tournament later in the evening but it seems he was just too worn out.

‘Ernest and I supposed to be watching golf tonight, but a long day mattress shopping has left him sleepy. Think I can hear him snoring ,’ Tweeted Dan.

The couple welcomed Ernest and his twin sister Doris in February and mum-of-seven Johannah has said that they’re ‘tiddy but growing every day’.

Dan is a huge golf fan and was very proud to introduce Ernest to the Masters last week.

‘Vividly remember watching the ’97 Masters as a 14 year old.
Friday night I was at my Nan’s watching it on a 15″ portable tv. Saw
every shot,’
Tweeted Dan on Thursday.

‘And now Ernest is watching his first Masters :).’

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Anna Duff