After 10 years on The X Factor, the panel’s cheekiest judge gets away with murder…

We love Louis Walsh.

It’s as simple as that. He’s always been our favourite X Factor judge – straight-talking, real and absolutely hilarious.

Louis, 61, says Simon Cowell is behaving like a teenager around his baby mama Lauren Silverman.

‘He’s been in love so many times. But will it last? Who knows?’ says Louis.

‘I know who Simon‘s true love is: himself. That’s why he can’t settle down. The baby might change things though, especially if it’s a boy.’

Louis looks great with his new hair transplant and fancies getting his teeth done, but he’s not planning a facelift

‘I swear I’ve never had Botox. It’s poison – and I don’t want to look like Simon!

‘If you eat the right food and you’re happy, then you’re fine.

‘I’m happy with the face I have – I don’t like Simon‘s new face.

‘I prefer his old one. Look at Nicole, Gary and Sharon… OK, maybe not Sharon! Look at Gary and Nicole – they look amazing.’

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Read the full interview with Louis Walsh in this week’s Now magazine dated 25 November 2013 – download the digital edition now


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