The Apprentice star tells us why she’s sick of the fame game

Love her or hate her, today Luisa Zissman looks like butter wouldn’t melt, sitting waiting for us wearing a pretty lemon lace dress. Until she speaks, of course…

I’m not very sensitive,’ says the 27-year-old. I’m not sympathetic and I have no filter. But the older I get, I realise that people do get upset by what I say.’

Reality TV’s gobbiest star doesn’t see herself as a role model.

‘Loads of kids Tweet me, saying: “Oh, we were looking at you in school.” But I hate that label because it carries responsibility and I hate responsibility,’ Luisa tells us. ‘I’d rather just do what I want without thinking about the repercussions.’

Does Luisa regret being so open about going to sex parties in the past?

‘No, I don’t! It was years ago, so why do people still talk about it? I only spoke about it because other people were. It’s just annoying that it’s always brought up.

‘My conclusion about the general public is that they’re of below average intelligence and they’ll believe anything they read. They don’t think for themselves. It’s annoying when people get things wrong.’

Read the full interview with Luisa Zissman in this week’s Now magazine dated 4 August 2014 – download the digital edition now


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