TOWIE's Lydia Bright didn't used to like her mother's clothes

When Lydia Bright was growing up, her mum Debbie Douglas made her cringe with her wild outfits.

‘As a child I used to be embarrassed because my mum was so eccentric,’ admits the TOWIE star.

‘She’d pick me up from school in a head-to-toe sari and I’d hear it jingling and think: “Please tell me she hasn’t got a sari on. Please let it be someone with a tambourine in the corridor!”

‘At the time I was mortified but now I embrace it because it taught me to be individual. She’s always said: “It’s better to stand out than fit in with the crowd.”‘

Inspired by Debbie, 51, Lydia has developed her own individual dress sense and feels like she’s living in a fairytale or a movie.

‘I love going to glamorous events and amazing dinners – I have a wonderful lifestyle and I’m very grateful,’ Lydia, 21, tells us.

‘Essex is more about body-con dresses and towering heels. It’s a lovely look but I was never really into it.

‘Now I don’t conform to peer pressure.

‘I’ve got my own style that’s different to everyone else’s – and all of that came from my mum.’

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