Tom, Giovanna and baby Buzz are SO sweet together

Okay, we’re not gonna lie. We may be a teeny bit obsessed with McBusted star Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna‘s Instagram pages.

Why? Because they have the cutest family EVER!

We blimmin’ love seeing the adorable photos that Tom, 29, and Giovanna, 30, post of themselves with their one-year-old son Buzz.

In fact, there are a number of reasons why we think the Fletchers totally rock. Errr, please can you adopt us, Tom and Gi?

1. Buzz seems like the happiest little boy

Little Buzz has THE cutest smile. And we get to see it a lot… because he always looks so happy! 

Even when the tot hasn’t got a huge grin plastered across his face, he generally seems pretty content. Nawww. This is just testament to how great Tom and Gi are as parents.

2. They REALLY care about their pets

These two are clearly animal lovers and will drop anything to make sure their pets are okay.

Last week, Tom wrote the Instagram post: ‘Was not expecting a 3:30am visit to the vet with a poorly cat after arriving home from tour last night. Coffee required. (cat’s ok).

He then took a hiatus from the site before returning two days later with a photo of Giovanna, Buzz and their kitty with the caption: ‘Sorry for being quiet, our little cat Leia has been poorly.

‘Currently in the cat hospital for treatment. Send love, she needs it!’

Get well soon, Leia!

3. They know how to have a laugh

Tom and Giovanna don’t take themselves too seriously and often share silly pictures of themselves online.

We thought it was HILAR when Gi posted a video of Tom rubbing Buzz‘s head with balloons to make his hair go static earlier this month (typical dad, eh?).

‘Leave Tom with Buzz to put up some birthday balloons for Buzz’s early birthday family gathering and walk back in to find this happening…,’ she joked alongside the clip.

4. They get to travel the world together

Buzz may only be a year old but he’s already seen some pretty cool things.

Earlier this year, he and his mum Giovanna joined Tom as McBusted supported One Direction on tour in Australia. Um, jealous.

5. Just LOOK at them

Not only is Buzz an absolutely bee-YOO-tiful bubba, his parents are rather good-looking too. Come on, Tom is currently managing to pull off bright blue hair!

Meanwhile, Giovanna often posts snaps of herself where she appears to be make-up free. And still looks amazing *sighs*.