Tom is struggling to rehearse for the band's upcoming tour

McFly guitarist Tom Fletcher has injured his shoulder less than a month before the band begin a UK tour on 7 March.

Tom, 26, was tackled by 16st rugby player Jackson Wray as the band joined in on a Saracens FC training session to promote their gig at the club next month.

‘One of the rugby guys absolutely f£&@*d my shoulder yesterday. Can’t play guitar today! It even hurts when I tweet!Tweets Tom.

‘Physio says: partial dislocation. Got some exercises to do over the next 48hrs although I’d say taking my tshirt off was enough exercise!

Injured Tom had to be taken away by the club’s medical team for treatment, but burly sportsman Jackson, 21, still reckons the lads did a good job on the pitch.

‘The McFly boys really got stuck into training. We were all really impressed,’ he says.

‘They took quite a few big hits from some big guys and didn’t complain once. They are tough guys.

‘I just hope Tom has recovered in time for the band’s gigs.’

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