Michelle sucks on Mark's back in a car park

Mark Wright ended up in agony during a shopping trip with his fiancée Michelle Keegan and mum Carol last week.

The ex-TOWIE star admits that it ‘absolutely killed’ when he was stung by a wasp in a supermarket car park – but he knew an interesting method to try to ease the pain.

‘The last time I got stung I think I was about eight. I don’t know how we coped as kids. But my mum, when I was young, she was always there to suck the sting out,’ says Mark.

‘It might be an old wives’ tale, but that’s what we believed in our family you were meant to do. So I was in the car park and I got a dilemma. Who sucks the sting out?’

Luckily for Mark, ex-Coronation Street actress Michelle, 27 – who recently moved to Essex to live with her man – loves him enough to come to his rescue.

Now that he’s recovered, Mark admits the hilarious situation was ‘a great sight’.

‘Well I’m 27 now so it’s a bit embarrassing if my mum sucks it out,’ says Mark on Heart FM.

‘So Michelle got out of the car and there she is, in Costco car park, giving me a love bite on my back, trying to suck the sting from the wasp out and I’m crying like a big girl.’

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Anna Duff