The young star's career could be over

The Wanted‘s Nathan Sykes is having an emergency operation on his throat tomorrow in a bid to save his singing voice.

The star – whose 20th birthday unfortunately falls on the same day – has been diagnosed with a haemorrhaging module on his vocal cord, which could ruin his career if not treated.

‘It’s not good at all. Nathan has battled with throat issues for a while but this is far more serious,’ says a source.

‘After the once-over by the specialist, he was instructed to have almost immediate surgery. Naturally Nathan is worried as if it doesn’t work, his career is over.’

As Nathan performs as frontman on some of The Wanted‘s songs, the group’s future now seems a little uncertain.

They were supposed to be going into the studio to work on
their next album and had been planning a world tour at the end of the
year, but Nathan won’t even be able to talk for at least a month.

Nathan has flown to LA from the Bahamas for his op and told his Twitter followers earlier that he was ‘gutted’ and couldn’t sleep because he has ‘too much on his mind’.

‘It will be tricky to continue without him as vocals will have to be changed,’ the insider tells The Sun.

‘All their worldwide commitments are having to be put on hold.’

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