Star 'sets the record straight'

Tulisa Contostavlos has released a video in which she admits she feels ‘heartbroken’ and ‘violated’ after a tape of her giving a man oral sex was circulated online.

In the N-Dubz star’s 5-minute talk to the camera, she alleges that the other person in the X-rated tape is her ex-boyfriend, Justin Edwards, aka Ultra, an ‘old school garage MC/singer’ who she dated on-off through her teens. 

‘I have never been the type, regardless of being in the public eye,
to sit down, keep my mouth shut and be quiet about anything,’ says Tulisa, 23.

‘Especially when I’ve done nothing wrong whatsoever.

‘As you can imagine it’s a pretty tough time for me.

‘But i don’t feel like i should be the one to take the heat for it, or the stick.

‘This is something that he took upon itself to put online and he’s now sitting in silence pretending that it’s not him on the tape, when it is.

‘I’m not going to sit here and be violated or taken advantage of by anyone.’

At one point, Tulisa holds up old photos of her with Ultra, who she says she ‘loved’ and ‘trusted’ and has therefore been left feeling betrayed and devastated.   

Feisty Tulisa ends the clip, which was posted on YouTube and linked to on her Twitter account, with a message to the public and her followers. 

‘When you judge someone, it doesn’t define the person that you’re judging. It defines you,’ says Tulisa.

‘Lots of love to my fans.

‘As much as this is nothing to do with me and it’s not my fault and I do feel victimised, I apologise to anyone that this has offended and I know for a fact it will never happen again.

‘So lots of love to my fans and anyone else out there that’s supporting me.’

Ultra, who originally said the tape was ‘nothing to do with him’, has vowed to tell his side of the story.

‘I believe in silence being a sign of Integrity but in this case I guess I’ll have to speak up and Lay out the facts and let you guys decide,’ he Tweeted after Tulisa‘s video was released last night.

‘To find the truth both sides of the story should be heard b4 passing judgement #thatisall.’



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