BB star Nikki Grahame speaks out about her 'torment'

Last year Nikki Grahame was delighted because she’d put on almost half a stone.

At a dress size 4, the Ultimate Big Brother runner-up is hardly ever likely to be described as ‘curvy’.

But Nikki felt positively womanly.

‘I used to have the figure of an eight-year-old girl, but now I feel a lot more feminine,’ she told us.

‘I haven’t got protruding shoulder or hip bones any more and I’ve finally got a bottom!

‘I weigh almost 6½st, which is nearly the heaviest I’ve ever been – and I feel great.’

Now, though, Nikki’s back in the grip of anorexia.

The Big Brother 2007 contestant, who’s fought the eating disorder since she was a young girl, became unwell after a recent operation to remove a bunion.

‘I couldn’t exercise for 3 months so I started to panic that I’d get fat,’ reveals Nikki, 29.

‘So I cut my food down by half. 

‘Then, as soon as I could, I started exercising to a ridiculous degree.’

Nikki admits she has a ‘phobia’ of consuming more than 400 calories at a time and is unable to sleep if she hasn’t done enough exercise.

‘It’s completely controlling me,’ she says. ‘I have to know where and when I’ll be eating, at least 2 days in advance, so I can gear myself up mentally. 

‘I’m tormented. All I think about is this regimented schedule.’

Nikki is seeking help and has checked herself into an eating disorder clinic. 

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