Team GB star Tom Daley happy to reveal his impressive bod

London 2012 bronze medal winner Tom Daley has had the Olympic rings tattooed under one arm.

The cute diver had been promised a permanent reminder of his triumph by his mum. 

Guess what my mum got me for my birthday?!?!…a voucher to go and get an Olympic tattoo after the games :O how cool is she?!,’ he Tweeted after turning 18 on 21 May.

Tom shared a picture of his new skin ink with his Twitter followers and doesn’t mind showing off his impressive torso.

He also appeared topless in just a collar and tie for his appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show.

‘The invite I got said smart/casual,’ the teenager joked.

Last week Tom appeared at Bluewater shopping centre in Kent and thousands of Daleyettes became hysterical about seeing their idol.

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