Baby Sophia Ruby is estimated to be 2ft 4in tall

Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch‘s baby girl Sophia Ruby is growing fast.

The little girl, who was born on 14 March, is reportedly 2ft 4in tall, which is the size of many children twice her age.

But with a 6ft 7in tall dad and 5ft 9in model mum, it’s little surprise that experts have predicted she could grow up to be 6ft or taller.

‘Long babies do tend to grow up to be tall adults,’ says website BabyCenter.

‘Babies do inherit their parents’ body types – tall, short, heavy or slender.’

Lingerie model Abbey is loving being a mum to her not-so-little girl.

‘It’s amazing!’ Abbey, 25, told us recently. ‘I’ve turned into one of those women I hate because I’m always talking about the baby.

‘She’s so pretty – I was surprised she’s a girl because I was convinced I was having a boy.’

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