Isabella Cruise has moved to Wholesale District of downtown LA


Tom Cruise‘s 19-year-old adopted daughter Isabella Cruise has moved into a love nest in the Wholesale District of downtown LA – nicknamed Skid Row – with her scientologist boyfriend Eddie Frencher, 23.

Isabella – adopted by Tom during his marriage to Nicole Kidman – isn’t fazed that the LA police department says the area’s a haven for crack cocaine dealers.

She’s even been spotted taking the bus and wrote excitedly on Facebook: We’ve got our own place now.’

Isabella‘s choice of lodgings has been a big shock to security-conscious Tom, 49.

‘He believes his family is vulnerable to potential kidnappers, stalkers and crazed fans because of his profile,’ says our source.

‘His own security system includes a guardhouse, cameras, dogs and even a moat around the 13,000 sq ft compound.

‘Yet Isabella‘s been seen wandering happily around the dangerous new neighbourhood. Tom isn’t happy about her choice, but it seems he can’t do much about it.’

Isabella‘s new neighbours seem to share Tom‘s surprise at her decision to move there.

Shin Hyunil, the owner of Isabella‘s new local store C&C Market, told us a man was murdered in his shop last December.

He says: ‘The man died right here on the floor, in a pool of blood. It’s terrifying to live here.’

Isabella‘s neighbour Alvarez Sanchez, who’s a security guard at a discount jewellery store, adds: ‘It’s very dangerous – there are robberies every other day. It can be like the Wild West. You don’t want to come down here at night.’

Read the full story about Isabella Cruise in Now magazine dated 30 April 2012 – out now!  


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