The singer's girlfriend Emily MacDonagh is helping him socialise again

Peter Andre has started to enjoy himself again after losing his older brother Andrew to kidney cancer in December.

The brave singer, 40, is still finding it hard to deal with 54-year-old Andrew‘s death but knows that he has to make the best of the difficult situation.

‘I’m doing my best to get out and socialise after the tough time my family have been through in the last few months,’ says Peter.

‘But as my brother Mike said the other day: “You don’t get over it, you get on with it.” And I think they are wise words.’

Peter was supported by his girlfriend Emily MacDonagh throughout the last few months of Andrew‘s life and is grateful that she understands what he’s going through.

Having medical student Emily, 23, around keeps the dad-of-two’s mind off his loss.

‘Things are still pretty raw, but it does help that I’ve got Emily by my side,’ says Peter.

‘I really love having her around and it helps make everything feel OK.’

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Anna Duff