We're not sure Pete's quite got to grips with the app

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for… Peter Andre is on Instagram!

Yep. It’s true. The singer, 41, has FINALLY joined the picture sharing app under the name @pj_andre. And that can only mean one thing…. more photos of him!

This is VERY exciting.

Unfortunately, Pete doesn’t seem to have quite mastered the site just yet. He posted a series of, errr, interesting snaps after signing up yesterday.

Okay, so his first attempt was a good’un. He shared an ADORABLE selfie of himself and his son Junior from their skiing holiday in the Austrian Alps earlier this month.

In the image, Pete and Junior, 9, grin as they perch on a ski lift. Both are decked out in waterproof jackets, helmets and goggles. Cute!

‘Me and the boy on the slopes last week,’ Pete captioned the shot.

Pete’s next upload was pretty pleasing, too. It was a sexy shot he’d taken of his face, which perfectly displayed his hunky designer stubble as he smouldered into the camera.

He was wearing a white vest and the tops of his muscular shoulders could be seen. Mmmm.

But then things got a little weird…

Pete went on to show fans a close-up of his eye (yeah, we said it was weird), jokingly writing alongside it: ‘Eye eye. I’m bored in my lunch break.’ 

He then put up some rather odd pictures of his teeth, a black glove and an orange peel, none of which appeared to have a filter. Doesn’t he know that’s the whole point of Instagram?!

The father-of-three even managed to think up a SPECTACULARLY cringey dad joke to type next to the photo of the fruit. ‘That’s appealing,’ he said. Oh, Pete!

However, we couldn’t help being bowled over by the star once again when he treated us to a gorgeous red carpet snap of himself with his fiancée Emily MacDonagh.

We also saw a sweet photo of him with his brother Mike.

Ahhh, Pete. We’re SO excited about what else you’re going to post. Please keep them coming! (even the dad jokes). 

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Anna Duff