We secretly love that Pete doesn't take himself too seriously

We blimmin’ love Peter Andre, but we can’t deny that he does come out with some jokes that are rather, er, dad-like.

Since setting up his Instagram account last month, the 41-year-old singer has treated us to a whole load of snaps with goofy captions.

Take yesterday’s upload for example. Alongside a photo of a television remote, Peter wrote… wait for it… ‘I’m not even remotely tired.’

Oh, Pete

This is a CLASSIC example of the star’s sense of humour. In fact, we think Peter may actually be the punniest (sorry) celebrity on Instagram.

In January, he shared a picture of an orange peel with the title: ‘That’s appealing….’ and said: ‘Mysterious curl’ next to an image of his hair. UH-mazing.

But it sounded as though even he was getting a tad tired of his wise cracks when he captioned a shot of a glove: ‘For the glove of God get me off this thing :).’

Don’t worry, Pete was happy to think up a few different types of gags.

Talking about a cup of coffee he was drinking, Pete said a few weeks ago: ‘is cappuccino Al Pacinos cousin?’ and commented on a cup of tea: ‘Comes after S.’

In Pete‘s defence, he IS a dedicated father of three. So he kind of has the right to embrace being an embarrassing dad.

And we’re sure children Junior, nine, and Princess, seven, love how witty he is (and youngest daughter Amelia, one, will in the future).

However, Pete should probably prepare himself for A LOT of cringing and sighs of: ‘Shut uuuup, dad’ when the trio become teenagers.

Maybe that’s how Pete‘s fiancée Emily MacDonagh, 25, feels now?!

Despite all this, we can’t help secretly loving Peter‘s harmless jokes. To celebrate this, we’ve brought his best ones together so you can have a giggle at them too.


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