Pete's now rocking some very defined calves


Peter Andre revealed yesterday that he’s been slaving away in the gym to achieve an even hunkier bod.

Pete – who’ll celebrate his 42nd birthday tomorrow – has been focusing on getting some seriously sexy definition on his legs.

He captioned a photo of his newly-toned calves: ‘It’s only taken me 41 years to start getting shape on my legs. By 80 I’ll be ragin 🙂.’

In the past, Pete‘s been happy to show off his washboard abs (er, HELLO Mysterious Girl video) and impressive muscly arms.

Now it sounds like he’s got the confidence to get his, er, shins out more often, too. We’re guessing this means we’re going to see more pictures of him in shorts.

This has got fans excited, with one writing: ‘Looking good Mr Andre ❤❤ xxxxxxxxxxxx,’ and another pondering: ‘How can your calves be so good looking?’

One cheeky follower quipped: ‘Gota keep up with the young missis lol mighty fine !’, referring to Peter‘s 25-year-old fiancée Emily MacDonagh. Oosh!

Despite his and Emily‘s age gap, Peter sounds pretty chilled about his big day.

Earlier on, he shared an adorable childhood shot of himself, joking alongside it: ‘I’ll be 23 tomorrow. I haven’t changed a bit.. Except my nappies.’

Pete and Emily – who got engaged on New Year’s Eve 2013 – are pretty good at treating each other on special occasions so there’s no doubt she’ll be spoiling him tomorrow.

He’s also sure to receive some lovely presents from their one-year-old daughter Amelia and his older kids Junior, 9, and Princess, 7, whose mum is his ex-wife Katie Price.

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Anna Duff