The singer wants his daughter's moniker to be traditional

Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh are still struggling to agree on a name for their daughter.

They had a few ideas for their little girl’s moniker before she was born but ended up scrapping them when she arrived because they weren’t sure they suited her.

‘We had a couple that we liked, but we just can’t decide! I have no
idea, but we have six weeks before we have to register her,’ explains Pete, 40.

Emily, 24, says: ‘She needs a name so we’re going to start a fresh list and
forget all the other names we thought of before, then we’ll go through
them one by one.’

Peter and Emily – who announced their engagement yesterday – welcomed their daughter, currently nicknamed Bista’s sister – at Somerset’s Musgrove House on 7 January.

Medical student Emily admits that she was in a lot of pain during the birth but she and Pete are smitten with their ‘placid, wonderful’ child.

Now that they’re back at home and settled into family life, they’re finally going to pick a name for pretty baby Andre.

‘There are some nice flower names such as Rose and Jasmine. I want a traditional name like Elizabeth, Rose or Mary or Alexandra or Amelia,’ says Pete.

Emily adds: ‘I like Poppy.’

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Anna Duff