The couple spend a lot of time at home

Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh‘s lives are much quieter now that they have baby daughter Amelia to look after.

The couple – who welcomed little Amelia on 7 January – prefer to have at least one of them with their newborn at all times so spend most of their time at home.

‘We’ve only gone out once without the baby and that was literally for two hours,’ says Peter.

‘I think it’s important to have your own time but it just depends on your situation. If your partner is breastfeeding it’s not easy to go anywhere for more than a couple of hours.’

Medical student Emily, 24, has stayed out of the limelight since giving birth and only appeared with Peter, 41, at London’s TRIC Awards earlier this month.

Dad-of-three Peter went on paternity leave in February, although he announced on his website this morning that he’ll be filming a new music video today.

It seems having her parents around so much is making Amelia a happy baby.

‘I joked on Twitter that my coffee machine is getting me through the sleepless nights with Amelia. She’s actually getting a lot better and some nights she sleeps for up to six hours,’ says Peter.

‘I think that’s because we haven’t been going out a lot and we’re focusing on our routine.’

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