The singer isn't sure whether spectres exist


Peter Andre reckons he may have had a supernatural experience.

The singer, 41, uploaded a video to his website yesterday which saw him telling fans about a spooky thing that happened to him in bed one night.

‘Do I believe in ghosts? Possibly yes. Do I think that they’re real? Possibly yes. Have I ever experienced something like it? Yes,’ says Peter.

‘I experienced someone sort of pressing down on me but then someone said that could be sleep apnoea. So maybe I just thought it was ghosts but it wasn’t.’

Sleep apnoea is a condition that causes interrupted breathing during sleep, causing the sufferer to come out of their deep snooze into either a lighter slumber or a brief period of wakefulness.

Whether or not this happened to Pete, he’s certainly had a few sleepless nights since the birth of his and fiancée Emily MacDonagh‘s daughter Amelia in January.

Luckily for Pete – who’s also dad to Junior, 8, and Princess, 6, with ex-wife Katie Price Amelia has become a little easier to cope with over the past few weeks.

‘She’s actually getting a lot better and some nights she sleeps for up to six hours,’ said Peter last month.

‘I think that’s because we haven’t been going out a lot and we’re focusing on our routine.’

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Anna Duff