Pete knows he needs somebody special


Peter Andre has been terrified to fall in love again since his divorce from Katie Price, but as she prepares to marry third husband Leandro Penna, Pete, 39, knows he has to think about his own future.

‘The thing is, I don’t want to have a girlfriend just for the sake of it,’ he tells us.

‘So for me, I’d rather not get in a relationship at all as opposed to being in one where you’re just a boyfriend and girlfriend for 
six months and then that’s it – which, in all fairness, was what 
I had with Elen Rivas.

‘Having a girlfriend was fun, but I wasn’t ready for the next step so I’ve stayed single since.’

But Pete wants to find that special other half.

‘The idea of spending the rest of my life alone is a horrible thing, especially in old age – that’s definitely one of my fears,’ he confesses.

‘I don’t have a fear of dating. I’ve been doing it quite a bit over the last two years and have been on lots of different dates.

‘It’s definitely scarier falling in love again because I’d be worried: “Is 
it going to work? Is the other person going to want the same things that I do?”

‘”Or are they going to walk away and leave me alone again?” Yeah… falling in love’s scary.’

Read the full interview with Peter Andre in Now magazine dated 28 May – out now!

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