Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh have plenty to say to each other

Peter Andre and fiancée Emily MacDonagh, 24, are facing a tough separation soon.

The couple will be apart while Peter‘s on tour and Emily returns to her parents’ Somerset home with four-month-old daughter Amelia to finish her medical degree at uni.

For Peter it’s going to be a struggle, but the couple are great mates and hardly ever argue.

‘There are no friends in the world that don’t row,’ Peter, 41, tells us. ‘But our disagreements are quite funny. We constantly row about creation and evolution of all things! We’re good friends.’

Peter will miss his girls terribly.

‘It’ll be the first time [since Amelia arrived], so it’ll be hard. It’s three months, but I’ll have days when I can see them,’ he says.

‘Emily‘s a phone person. If we’re apart, she loves to have that call, an hour convo every night. She’s 
a talker!

‘I also get pictures of Amelia sent every morning. See, 
I get a “Good morning, Daddy” picture?

‘[Shows us texts] Just look at her, she’s Emily through and through. Such a sweet kid.’

Peter’s album Big Night is out now. Tickets for the Big Night tour are available from

Read the full interview with Peter Andre in this week’s Now magazine dated 2 June 2014 – download the digital edition now!


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