Reality TV star Chantelle is doing all she can to keep her daughter healthy

Chantelle Houghton hasn’t touched a drop of alcohol since she conceived her daughter.

The 6-months pregnant TV star, who believes her pregnancy is a ‘miracle’ because she feared she was infertile, is too worried about the health implications for her unborn child.

‘I’ve read that one glass can cause the baby to have brain damage,’ says Chantelle, 28.

‘If I sat there and had a drink, I would feel so worried out of my head.

‘The thought of what could happen makes me feel a bit sick, to be honest.’

Chantelle‘s vow to remain teetotal comes just days after reality TV star Stacey Solomon, 22, was snapped smoking at 7 months pregnant.

Mum-of-one Stacey has admitted she only has ‘a few cigs a day’ and is trying to give up.

‘I like the idea of drinking a glass of wine,’ admits Chantelle, ‘but the thought of actually doing it makes me feel guilty.’

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