Chantelle Houghton hopes her unborn baby will arrive safely

Pregnant Chantelle Houghton has revealed that she’s terrified something will go wrong when she gives birth.

The 7-months pregnant reality star has had 2 health scares in recent weeks, including palpitations that left her faint and struggling for breath.

‘I’m so worried for my little girl,’ says Chantelle, 28.

‘I fear so much for what is going on in her little body. There is so much stress being put on her.’

Chantelle, who has an abnormally high heart rate and a family history of heart problems, was rushed to hospital earlier this month and monitored for 24 hours.

Just 2 days later, she collapsed while out shopping, which has led doctors to advise her to re-think her plans for a natural birth.

And it’s not just her baby’s safety that concerns her.

‘I worry that something will happen to me, that the baby will be born and I won’t be here,’ Chantelle tells The People.

‘The doctors said that when you’re in labour your heart goes up even more and so I’m terrified of the whole thing.

‘I also worry that I will go into labour early and then who knows what will happen.’

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