Charles admits his son is a messy eater

Prince Charles has joked that his son Prince Harry has awful table manners.

The royal says helicopter pilot Harry, 28 – who’s currently serving in Afghanistan – relished in being able to eat without cutlery during a previous posting in the country.

Harry was attached to the Gurkhas, for which I have been Commander-In-Chief for about 35 years,’ says Charles, 64.

‘I was joking and said to them: “I have spent all these years trying to teach Harry how to eat with a knife and fork and there you are with him pulling apart meat with your hands.”

‘They were eating curried goat or something.’

Harry is set to return to the UK in the next two weeks after a four-month stint flying Apache choppers in dangerous missions.

Charles is excited to see his son back in the country, which he’s very proud of following the London Olympics and the Queen‘s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

‘It reminded me just how well Brits do things,’ Charles tells ITV’s This Morning.

‘They really played a blinder.’

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