The singer has always been larger than life

Robbie Williams appears to have put on a bit of weight before embarking on his European stadium tour.

The 39-year-old singer’s sparkly stage outfit, which he’s worn in cities including London, Amsterdam and Gothenburg, seems quite a snug fit.

Robbie‘s face also appears slightly bloated and some snaps taken from unflattering angles show the dad-of-one – who’s married to actress Ayda Field – with a double chin.

This time last year, the singer stripped to the waist to show off his taut torso and bulging muscles.

He looked very slim-hipped
in tight jeans. Guess the biscuit tin could have got the better of him.

Robbie hates ‘fat’ jibes and knows how to get back into shape.

In 2008, he impressed Ayda by sticking to a 2,500- calories-a-day diet, with a daily 2-hour workout.

he eats is fat-free,’ revealed our source. ‘He’s ordered his chefs to
prepare low-fat snacks. He’s drinking chocolate-flavoured protein shakes
to convert fat into muscle and has ditched breakfast fry-ups.

‘He’s desperate to get his stomach down and he hates his double chin.’

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Anna Duff