Comedian grows closer to God

Russell Brand is now qualified to perform weddings and funerals after becoming a priest with America’s Universal Life Church.

The comedian, who’s married to Katy Perry, 26, has embraced his spiritual side since quitting drink and drugs.

Russell has had a total turnaround since he met wife Katy Perry as her parents are super religious,’ says a source.

‘With the Universal Life Church anyone can get ordained online and Russell did it as a half-jokey, half-serious thing.

Russell, 36, has even been using his new skills in his stand-up shows.

If you come and see me live I will marry you,’ he Tweeted

on 1 August – and he kept his promise.

‘One couple stood up and said they wanted him to marry them,’ the source tells the Daily Star.

‘Unfortunately the words he used during their service can’t be repeated as they were somewhat unorthodox. But it was all 100% legal.’

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