The singer insists she had no idea Nadine wanted to keep the group going

Sarah Harding is baffled as to why Nadine Coyle told her Twitter followers that she had ‘no part’ in Girls Aloud‘s split.

The group announced they’d broken up after the last date of their reunion Ten tour last month – but Nadine, 27, later said she ‘couldn’t stop’ her band mates and that she’d wanted to keep going.

‘I was unaware she even felt like that,’ says Sarah, 31.

‘At no point did she try and stop us, so you’d have to ask why she did that.’

Sarah says she, Nadine, Cheryl Cole, Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts were all ‘more opinionated’ and ‘strategic’ than ever on their final tour which became a little bit ‘suffocating’ after eight week together.

She’s looking forward to having more control on her future projects but doesn’t want Girls Aloud fans to think that she and her band mates don’t get on.

‘I have to respect [Nadine‘s] decision. Of course, it worries me there are reports of fallouts between us, because it’s upsetting to the fans,’ Sarah tells Look.

‘I’d hate to think we’d end on a bad note. Cut and run.’

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