The Radio 1 DJ has suffered from depression since his teens


Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills hassuffered from chronic anxiety, depression and panic attacks all his life and was first prescribed antidepressants at 16.

‘I had to miss lots of school,’ Scott, 38, tells Now’s Dan Wootton.

‘I couldn’t face it. I didn’t see my friends.

‘I’d sit on the sofa all day and not talk to anyone. Even going to the shops became overwhelming.

‘There’s a history of depression in my family.’

Scott‘s mum always said he was in the wrong job.

‘But I think a lot of DJs are like that,’ he says. ‘Chris Moyles is a really shy person, for example.

‘But for me it became a really crippling part of my life.’

Scott’s autobiography Love You Bye: My Story is out now (£18.99, Little, Brown Book Group)

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