Sheridan and Reg cuddle up outside his home

Sheridan Smith was snapped kissing and cuddling Amy Winehouse‘s former boyfriend Reg Traviss outside his flat yesterday morning.

The pair emerged from the film director’s home days after they’d enjoyed a night out together in London.

Sheridan and Reg, 35 – who was dating Amy when she died at the age of 27 last year – had first headed to Soho’s private Groucho Club last Wednesday.

At 3am, they moved on to nearby venue Gerry’s, where they stayed for two hours before sharing a taxi home.

Sheridan, 31, recently said that she isn’t looking for love – but it looks as though she may have changed her mind.

‘I’ve put my personal life completely on hold,’ Sheridan told the Sunday Express.

‘But I’ve been so lucky in my professional life.’


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Anna Duff