Tulisa horrified by footage on the web

A new video has emerged online that claims to show Tulisa Contostavlos performing a sex act.

The 6-minute clip shows a blonde girl, allegedly Tulisa pre-X Factor makeover, giving a man oral sex backstage at a concert.

Background chatter allegedly proves the movie was filmed in a public place.

The graphic piece is high quality and filmed from the man’s perspective, zoomed in on the woman’s face.

Tulisa split with her N-Dubz band mate Fazer, 25, in January. She had blonde hair in 2009 but had dyed it back to brunette by November 2010.

Tulisa‘s PA Gareth Varey wrote a Tweet this morning that could be interpreted as a hint at the allegations that were to come.

‘Rise and shine london! *rolls outta bed, locks into @ChoiceFM and sticks the kettle on* Todays gonna be long, I can just tell…morning,’ Tweeted Gareth.

X Factor judge Tulisa‘s rep Simon Jones says: ‘Tulisa has asked us not to comment on speculation about her personal life.’

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Esme Riley