Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews grappled with an imaginary foe

Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews hit the headlines in 2012 when he was photographed snorting coke at a house party.

But it wasn’t the first time he’d experimented with hard drugs.

Spencer, 25, took a potentially deadly double dose of liquid acid at a rave aged 17…

‘I’d heard of acid and what it does to people and, to be honest, part of me was very curious,’ he recalls.

‘I’d never believed much in hallucinations. I was very much mistaken.

‘Out of nowhere, a metaphorical train hit me. I felt possessed.

‘A guy came over and started hurling abuse. A large fight broke out.

‘We ended up on the ground, both giving everything we had.

‘I felt like an animal and was properly laying into him when suddenly Oliver Proudlock [his schoolfriend and MIC co-star] grabbed my arm and pinned me to the ground.

‘Everyone was staring at me.

‘I was startled, in a world of my own, looking left and right, trying to figure out where my attacker had gone, but there was no one.

‘It was just me. And Proudlock. And an audience.

‘I’d been fighting a figment of my imagination.

‘What made everything scarier was that I could feel the man’s body – I could feel skin, the impact of his fists hitting my face.

‘It was as real as it gets.’

Read more revelations from Spencer Matthews‘ book Confessions Of A Chelsea Boy: The Autobiography in this week’s Now magazine dated 30 September 2013 – download the digital edition now


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