Investigation has begun into the identity of Jersey_Justin

Greater Manchester Police are investigating a Twitter user who branded Natasha Giggs ‘everything that’s evil’ and calls himself ‘Twitter’s first killer Tweeter’.

Natasha hit the headlines last year when she alleged she’d had to an 8-year affair with her footballer brother-in-law, Ryan Giggs, 38 – and ‘Jersey_Justin‘ has warned that her ‘punishment’ is coming.

‘It amazes me you thought u could get away with being a w*ore without punishmet..the arrogance astounds me! your mistake!’ Jersey_Justin Tweeted to Natasha.

‘Some girls like natasha are super fuckin w*ores and need to be killed off once and for all!!!’

The frightening Tweeter went on to threaten 29-year-old Natasha‘s friends, warning them to stay away from her for the next few weeks.

The police soon contacted the Celebrity Big Brother star on the social networking site and advised her to call 999.

‘She is terrified,’ Natasha‘s spokesman tells the Daily Star.

‘She has absolutely no idea who this could be.

‘It is so sinister.’

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