Harry has just qualified as an Apache helicopter pilot


Taliban leaders are reported to have threatened to ‘kill or capture’ Apache helicopter pilot Prince Harry if he returns to fight in Afghanistan.

The 27-year-old – who was pulled out of the war-torn country in 2008 because a news blackout was broken by foreign media – could be sent back to the front line as early as autumn.

‘We will continue to defend against all the invaders, but we will use all our power to kill or capture the Prince,’ says spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid.

‘A prince should use his position to help people, not come and kill people around the world.’

Earlier this month, Harry qualified as an Apache helicopter pilot after a tough 18-month training course.

He also picked up the prize of top co-pilot gunner on the course at a dinner at Wattisham Air Station near Ipswich.

The co-pilot gunner is one of 2 crew in an Apache and takes charge of the mission, fires weapons, navigates and occasionally takes over controls. 

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