London 2012 bronze medal winner Tom goes home with a gong

Tom Daley’s mum Debbie Daley is thrilled about his Olympic win.

Tom won bronze in the 10m individual diving competition at London 2012 and it’s an amazing achievement for the teenager.

‘I’m ecstatic for my darling boy after all the years and all the heartache,’ says Debbie.

‘My goodness, how I wanted to run down and vault across the barrier to the poolside and just scoop him up in my arms, to kiss him and congratulate him before the rest of the world claimed him.’

Sadly for Tom, 18, his dad Rob died of cancer 14 months ago, so it’s been up to Debbie, 41, to help the talented diver make his dreams come true.

‘But last night was all about Tom, not the rest of Team Daley,’ Debbie tells the Mail On Sunday.

‘He’s the one who’s given everything to make this moment happen.

‘My support act, the mothering, the chauffeuring, the catering, the funding, the administration, it’s a fraction of what he’s invested.’

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