The singer reveals why he decided against a traditional speech

Tom Fletcher has opened up about why he decided to sing his wedding speech to wife Giovanna Falcone.

The guitarist – who got married in May 2012 – performed a medley of McFly songs re-written for the day because he found it impossible to say the words out loud.

‘I wrote a normal speech and it was so bad. I couldn’t even read it out to myself without cringing,’ says Tom, 27.

‘We were on tour and I had a piano in my hotel room, to help me write, so I thought: “I wonder if I could sing it?”

‘I asked Danny to help me with the music, but I didn’t tell him the lyrics or exactly what I was doing. It took me a week to write.’

Tom admits he was terrified before making his speech but was clearly pleased with how it turned out because he later posted it on YouTube for fans to watch.

Unfortunately for Tom, he didn’t realise that he’d uploaded the clip a day before the photos from band mate Harry Judd‘s wedding to Izzy Johnston were published.

‘Yes, he did steal my thunder,’ says Harry.

‘I will upload my wedding dance when you do your divorce shoot! No, they were both very special weddings.’

Watch Tom Fletcher‘s wedding speech…

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