Tulisa sends a few angry Tweets

Tulisa Contostavlos last night launched a foul-mouthed Twitter rant at her cousin Dappy, her  former N-Dubz band mate.

Dappy, 24, recently got emotional when he told Now’s Dan Wootton that he missed Tulisa and was upset they don’t talk any more, claiming: ‘It’s easier for her not to talk to me because I’m a bag of stress’.

Tulisa has angrily hit back and insisted he’s the reason that N-Dubz split.

‘@TheDappy u know my number mate..I dont know urs cus u aint gave it 2 me since u changed it…so dont gass the fans, u wana talk Im here,’ Tweeted Tulisa, 23.

‘4 the ndubletts triena take sides…pls remember..dappy left ndubz,that’s y we split,n wen he wanted 2 get away I tried 2 move him…

‘In2 my yard,but he left n got a new num n I aint heard from him since, he aint called or made contact, just talks 2 the press about me.’

But the X Factor judge, who split with the 3rd member of the band, Fazer, 25, in January, didn’t want to continue the private matter on Twitter. She wants Dappy to call and sort out their differences.

‘@TheDappy dont reply 2 me by tweet,pick ya balls up n call me,I got a new place,cum stay,but dont b an ass on twitter..wen u know the deal,’ she wrote.

‘F this,cant believe I stooped so low as 2 have a private debate on twitter,but I aint havin no1 turn ndubletts against me over bollocks.’


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