The two groups could end up in court

One Direction could be heading for a legal battle in court after discovering they have the same name as a US rock band.

The American One Direction formed in California and released debut album The Light in February 2011 – but fans of our boys are not happy they’re claiming use of the moniker.

‘Dear US One Direction, UK One Direction were here first. Sincerely, change your name and gtfo,’ Tweets one follower of Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne, all 18, plus Zayn Malik, 19, and Louis Tomlinson, 20.

The matching names could be a problem for Harry and co – who formed on The X Factor 2010 – when they kick off their North American tour with Big Time Rush later this week.

But One Direction US insists there hasn’t been a fall out between the two bands.

‘Guys guys guys, we don’t hate the 1d uk and they don’t hate us,’ they write on their YouTube channel.

‘They said they like our music and visa versa.

‘We understand your fan pride runs deep but dismiss the name and what do you have? You have music, weather you like it or not just let us know 🙂 we don’t need to hear it about the name because it doesn’t matter when it’s about the music.

‘We haven’t done any hating in the other band and they think the same of their fans to us. Have a good day!’

It is unclear when US 1D – Sean O’Leary, Isaiah Chavez-Pickett, Scott Nagareda and Adam Davis – formed as a group but it is thought that our lads will get to keep their name.

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‘ll soon be back across the pond supporting Big Time Rush – released What Makes You Beautiful in the States on Valentine’s Day and it’s soared to No 10 on US iTunes.  

Though we’re not surprised by this, we reckon it’ll come as a shock to curly-haired Harry Styles, 18, who recently said finding fame Stateside will be a struggle.

‘America is a massive place and it’s going to be hard. Nothing is gonna come easy,’ he says.

‘A lot of people have tried and failed but we want to break the mould and see what we can do.’

We never doubted you, boys. We knew you’d do it! 

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