The fashionista's wardrobe is very special to her

Victoria Beckham felt pretty emotional when she was picking out 600 clothes to donate to a children’s HIV charity.

The designer, 40, admits that she shed a few tears while choosing pieces for mothers2mothers, which was founded by Annie Lennox‘s husband Dr Mitch Besser.

‘I’ve come a long way in fashion! When I went through the clothes I laughed and I cried,’ says Victoria.

‘These clothes have been on some incredible journeys – I’ve had so much fun in them.’

Mum-of-four Victoria chose to help mothers2mothers after a ‘life-changing’ trip to South Africa in February, where she met Mitch and saw the work his foundation does.

The charity’s aim is to eliminate the transmission of HIV between mothers and their children.

David‘s wife asked her mum Jackie Adams and younger sister Louise to help her decide which designer threads she should save for her daughter Harper Seven, 3.

‘My sister was so harsh. I’d be like: “Oooooh I can’t give this away,” and she’d say: “Give me that. Put it in the box now. Harper is never going to want that!”‘ says Victoria.

‘To be honest there are some pieces I’m sure Harper would love – I think I’ve donated the very best pieces – but there are a lot of other people out there who will really enjoy them.’

Victoria’s items will be on sale on from 20-25 August.

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Anna Duff