David Beckham is feeling lighter - £24 million lighter, to be precise

She’s given up her dream home in LA, is prepared to uproot her whole family and is even leaving behind her A-list friends – all for her man.

So how can David Beckham possibly show his appreciation to his wife Victoria?

Well, in the only way celebs know how – with a pretty jumbo Christmas present.

We’re told Becks is going the extra (air) mile this year and buying Posh her own £24 million private plane!

Sources say Becks, 37, thinks it’s the least he can do after Posh’s sacrifices for him this year.

It comes as David’s trying to decide where he’ll play his final year of football after leaving LA Galaxy.

Read more about the Victoria Beckham’s Christmas plans in Now magazine dated 20 December 2012 – out now!

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