Oops! Zac Efron tries to brush off apparent awkward situation at Universal Studios


A new hilarious video of Zac Efron appears to show him dropping a condom in front of a line of paparazzi.

The actor, who was at the premiere of his new Dr Seuss film The Lorax, accidentally pulled a gold condom-sized packet from his pocket when he went to shake hands on the red carpet.

The 24-year-old quickly picked up the item and put it away before having a hurried scan of the floor.

Zac then put on his sunglasses, brought his hand to his mouth, took a deep breath and calmly posed for pictures.

High School Musical star Zac has admitted in the past that his mum bought him contraception when he was dating Vanessa Hudgens, 23.

‘My stocking was full of condoms this Christmas,’ Zac told Elle magazine back in 2009.

‘She buys me the economy box.’

Zac‘s rep has not yet confirmed whether it was a condom that fell on the floor.

WATCH VIDEO Zac Efron‘s embarrassing error on the red carpet… 

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